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When your heart stops beating - Theresa Olasveengen, Norway

Post-Cardiac Arrest Brain Injury: Mechanisms and Neuroprotection - Robert Neumar, USA

Initial care after OHCA - Christian Hassager, Denmark 

Blood gases and homeostasis - Markus Skrifvars, Finland  

Temperature management - Niklas Nielsen, Sweden

Guidelines for neuroprognostication - Claudio Sandroni, Italy

Novel biomarkers of brain injury - Marion Moseby-Knappe, Sweden

Postanoxic status epilepticus-TELSTAR study - Janneke Horn, The Netherlands

OHCA vs IHCA - what’s the difference? - Lars W Andersen, Denmark

Decisions on life-sustaining therapy  Case based Panel discussion - Claudio Sandroni, Janneke Horn, Markus Skrifvars

Cardiac arrest survivorship - Kelly Sawyer, USA

To measure what matters - Kirstie Haywood, UK

Early rehabilitation - Step down from the ICU - Sören Söndergaard, Denmark

How poor is a poor outcome after cardiac arrest - Sachin Agarwal, USA

Cognitive rehabilitation - Erik Blennow Nordström, Sweden

Late rehabilitation - Vicky Joshi, Denmark

Fatigue Management - Gisela Lilja, Sweden

Peer support after cardiac arrest - Johan Israelsson & Stefan Jutterdal, Sweden

Postresuscitation care guidelines on follow up and rehabilitation - Gisela Lilja, Sweden, Kirstie Haywood, Europe and Kelly Sawyer, USA

To build a follow up clinic after cardiac arrest - Marco Mion, UK & Sachin Agarwal, USA

Follow up after cardiac arrest, from guidelines to clinical practice Panel discussion - Kelly Sawyer, Marco Mion, Sachin Agarwal, Johan Israelsson, Vicky Joshi